Sunday, February 3, 2008

On why I changed the heading AGAIN

As I said before, blogs are organic things. As I evolve, so it evolves. We seem to be in some kind of growth spurt.

Last month I fractured my right ankle in two places. I have been, for all intents and purposes, a cripple, confined to three rooms - the library, where I sleep, eat, work and play; the bathroom and the kitchen (sometimes). I haven't climbed the steep stairs of our one-hundred-and-fifty-year-old house to my bedroom in over a month. My husband has patiently assisted me in almost everything.

I've had a lot of time to think. I've thought about cults and trauma. I've thought about cults and recovery. I've thought about the past and the future. I've thought about the purpose of this blog. I have decided that I would rather explore reality, in all its breathtaking complexity than just focus on cults and my past all the time.

Therefore, I think the most fitting new title to this blog is "Surviving Reality." Corny, I know and it sounds like a support group for people who have been on Reality TV shows. But I'm talking about Life, uncut and uncensored. Reality - Spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and so on. The key here, of course, lies in knowing what reality is. Not always easy.

Shortly after I left the cult, I asked a a warm-hearted psychiatrist if I was crazy. He assured me I was not but he did say I was "suffering from reality." I'd like to dedicate these posts to "Survivors of Reality," which, we all know can be pretty brutal....and beautiful. I'd love to know how other people find their ways in this crazy world - how they survive and thrive. That's what I think we're all really after, anyway, isn't it?

Knowing me, I'll probably change the heading again. Until then, keep on surviving.....and thriving.


Charlene said...

Reality is a crutch. - Woody Allen

Reality ain't what it used to be. - a book on post modernism.

Reality sucks, then you die. - a quote by my daughter during a period of teenage angst.

Survive it? Breath, really breath.

Charlene said...

...that should be "breathe, really breathe." And learn to spell!

Mark Clarke said...

Wow! Reality... What a concept! -Robin Williams