Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ready or Not

My book is getting ready to come out soon - at the end of this month. All sorts of feelings here – excitement, anxiety, hope and apprehension. I mean it’s only the story of a part of my life – a particularly difficult period of my life. And I’m hoping it will help someone know that they’re not alone in the struggle to break free from abuse, if that’s what they’re going through.

I wrote "Losing the Way" for three reasons. First, because I had to tell the truth and move past the trauma. I had to bear witness to what had happened, as if by writing about it, I would make it real and begin to heal. Second, my hope was to help someone else who might be going through something similar. Very simple, as long as I keep my eyes on that ball, the healing ball, I won’t freak. Third, I wanted to help other people who know nothing about cults, what it was like to be IN a cult, to feel it in their bones, not just in their head.

The cult stuff, the betrayal of the “secret” opening the “lockbox” used to be a big deal. I was under the impression that if I told the truth, I would be damned. Now THAT’s a cognitive distortion, if there ever was one. Who’s to say who’s going to be damned and who’s not going to be? If telling the truth of one’s own experience is that bad, then I choose to be damned rather than to remain silent. Fortune-teller error – that things will turn out badly and you treat it as an already established fact.

I never set out to write a bestseller. That’s not the point. If I can begin to heal, help someone else and enable other people who know nothing about cults FEEL what the experience is like, then I’ve succeeded brilliantly. That’s my prayer and hope. We’ll see what happens. But it’s like being eight months pregnant with your first child. Ready or not, here she comes!


Robert said...

Hey - this looks great! Congratulations Just e-mailed with Karen and she passed this news along. I'd love to be in touch. Obear

Anonymous said...

Hello Kristen! I dont know you but my parents were both involved with the way core and i'm, for lack of better word, confused. I've heard many of Dr's (nooo idea how to spell his last name) teachings and read a few of his books and i find no contradiction or anything that trys to controll you, and i know my parents and many others that would be offended at the idea of the way being a cult. i have seen from talking to some of the people that i know who were once involved and a small ammount of research in the past few days that it did start to change as Dr. got older and lost more and more controll. The purpose shifted and the hearts of the leaders were far from what they should have been. There are, of course, a lot of things i dont know being born after my parents left it shortly after Dr.'s death, like the lockbox-no clue what that is, so maybe i'm just clueless on this topic in whole. I feel as if you were more focused on the way core than the way of life it originally set out to teach, which is why as the core went down hill so did you. Like i said i know a lot of previous way core members that loved that period of their life and Dr. greatly because all they learned of God's word. I know that they all question and doubt things, i know i do and i think that's so key because you're not supposed to believe everything you here because there's a lot of bull out there, but study the word and find it for yourself. I know ive heard Dr. in teachings and read in his material say that he could be wrong and probably was on things which is another reason i question your cult idea because wouldnt a cult leader always say he was right and that was the only way? He said the Word was the only way, that it was truth and what you should follow, which can you really argue with? I'm so sorry that you've been hurt like you have and that something that has helped so many in the furtherance of God's word in their life is such a terrible memory for you. There are many MANY people that the way didnt controll but helped and when it started to go down hill they left but with a great love for God, His word, His people, and the dedication to the accuracy and integrity of His word.If you would like to contact me my E-Mail is God Bless:-)

isabella mori said...

hi kristen

just wanted to let you know, i got the book a few days ago - THANKS! i'm reading it now with great interest, and will definitely talk about it during my blogathon this coming saturday, july 26.

i'm also trying to hurry myself up to read it so i can pass it on to a friend whose family has been, and is being, badly hurt by a christian cult. it just breaks my heart. i hope it will help her; in fact, i'm sure it will!

thank you so much for sharing yourself in this way.